Enterprise Data Communication Products

Network Infrastructure

Our IT specialists will custom design and implement a network solution.

From cabling, patching, switch configuration, all the way through to Internet and wireless connectivity, We will make the most of your LAN or WAN by addressing a full spectrum of issues including connectivity, redundancy, availability, scalability, security, manageability and serviceability in line with the industry’s best practices.

Wireless Solutions

Our extensive expertise in Wireless system planning, design and systems integration, and are able to take a concept to detailed design encompassing site selection, and equipment selection.

Fi Pakistan is optimizing CCI/ACI and maintains best possible Wi-Fi service quality in high-density ecosystems via

  1. Proactive Wi-Fi performance analysis and visualization
  2. Identification of Wi-Fi performance bottlenecks
  3. Wi-Fi service outage / performance alarms 
  4. Automated corrective actions in real-time Cyber Security